Midterm Exam Fall 2009

Midterm Exam Fall 2009 - Mid term exam, Business 189...

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Mid term exam, Business 189 Sections 5 and 6 Please read the following fictional ‘case-let’ and answer the question at the end. Write as much as you need to justify your answer but no more. Brevity is a virtue. Please write your answers in Word. Save the file as a Word 2003 (“.doc” not “.docx”). Upload your answer only NOT THE QUESTION, into TurnItIn.com. Again, DO NOT upload the question with your answer. You have 70 minutes to write your answer and 5 minutes to upload it. The TurnItIn assignment will close after 75 minutes. I WILL NOT ACCETP LATE SUBMISSIONS. If your exam is no in TurnItIn at the end of the exam it will not be graded.
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The information in this case entirely fictional and is intended only to test your understanding of the analytical models you have studies in this class. Alex Sanchez gazed out of the window at the quail making their way to the vegetable patch to pick over the last of the tomatoes. The meeting was on Wednesday; it seemed a long way off but he had to prepare. This was a big decision; offers like this came relatively infrequently and the board of Applicons AG, a large German conglomerate, would need an answer at the meeting. He had been offered the job of general manager of their third largest subsidiary, Tangent, and the Applicons AG board had made it clear that
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Midterm Exam Fall 2009 - Mid term exam, Business 189...

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