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Please turn in the completed and signed form to the urban planning office (WSQ 216A) U RBAN P LANNING /S OCIAL W ORK D IGITAL L AB U SER A GREEMENT Please print clearly Name: Department: Address: Home Phone: City/Zip: Work Phone: Email address: SJSU ID #: A CCESS C ODE ( ASSIGNED ): The digital lab is a valuable resource. In order to maintain and promote the quality of services and resources provided, every user must take responsibility and care for the facility, and protect against misuse or theft of the equipment. In order to issue you a code to access the facility, you must sign the agreement below and adhere to the guidelines. Although these guidelines may appear strict, they are intended to protect you, your classmates, and our computer resources. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the loss of access privileges. 1. Your personal safety is important. If there are any problems, concerns, or emergencies, you must contact a program administrator or employee immediately, or call the police if necessary.
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