CH1-3 Review - Benchmark = baseline values the system seeks...

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Benchmark = baseline values the system seeks to attain Benchmarking = process of continuously measuring system results, comparing results to Efficiency IT metrics – focuses on technology itself (US #1) Throughput – amt of info that can travel thru a system @ a point in time Transaction speed – amt of time it takes 2 perform a trans. System availability - # of hrs system is available for users Info accuracy – extent of system getting right results when doing same trans repeatedly Web traffic - # of pg views, # of unique visitors, avg time spent viewing a webpage Response time – time it takes 2 respond 2 user interactions, such as a mouse click Effectiveness IT metrics – determined by org goals/strategies (US #3, Canada #1) Usability – ease w/ which ppl perform trans/ find info [degree of freedom = measures # of clicks needed to find desired info] Customer satisfaction – measured by surveys/ % existing customers retained/ increase in revenue $/customer Conversion rates - # of customers an org touches for 1 st Financial – returns on invest., cost-benefit analysis, breakeven analysis C hief I nformation O fficer – oversees all uses of IT + ensures strategic alignment of IT w/ bus goals [only diff from CTO] ( customer satisfaction is more crucial ) Roles: manager – ensure delivery of IT projects on time & w/in budget; leader – ensure strategic vision of IT is in line w/ org vision; communicator – advocate and communicate IT strategy by building/ maintaining strong executive relationships C hief T echnology O fficer – ensures the throughput, speed, accuracy, availability, reliability of org’s IT + ensures efficiency of IT system C hief S ecurity O fficer – ensures security of IT system and protects against hackers/ viruses C hief P rivacy O fficer – ensures ethical and legal use of info w/in org C hief K nowledge O fficer – collects, maintains, & distributes the org’s knowledge; designs programs that make it easy to reuse knowledge; encourages keeping the system up-to-date;
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CH1-3 Review - Benchmark = baseline values the system seeks...

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