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Bus188KwanMTerm2Fal08 - BUS 188 05 Professor Kwan Fall 2008...

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BUS 188 05 Professor Kwan, Fall 2008 Mid-term Exam 2 (100 points) Closed Books and Notes - Answer in Green/Blue Books - l- hour 20 minutes Section A - Answ "r 2 Ot 3 questions (40 points) _1.) Explain what is information security and privacy. Provide your explanation within the context of a user of Google's search services. (20) _r- \ / 2)What is grid computing? Give an example of where it is successfully employed in an enterprise environment. (20) 3. What is a Virtual Private Network and how is it implemented? Why is such a technology needed in today's computing environment? (20) Section B - Answe r2 Ot 3 questions (50 points) @ tto* does Harrah's Entertainment use database technologies (provide 1,,,', , , ,,:. examples) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business? (30) 'l 5. Explain in laymen's terms how the World-Wide-Web works in terms of HTTP, r .f .. ^' ( I'TCP/lP, and its relationship to the lnternet. Provide some examples of how the v((t jr: 'i ' Web profoundly changes commerce and our lives. (30) I i., A rr 5. Explain how we can categorize e-Commerce along the Physical/Virtual dimensions of Product, Agent and Process. Explain Amazon.com's business strategy and where it would fit in these dimensions. (30)
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