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Professors Expectations for Final Project

Professors Expectations for Final Project - through 4 Make...

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Notes: Major Project 1) Must look at the 3 strategies a) Functional Level b) Business Level i) c) Corporate Level i) Based on these 3 strategies which company is a better company. 2) EXAMPLE - Honda vs. Ford a) Business Level example – i) Product Segmentation (1) Product features – ford has better features (2) Customer characteristics – (3) Location – US is the largest market in the world ii) Corporate Level Strategies 3) Make sure to say right up front why you would invest in one company over the other a) Must state this in the beginning. This is very important as Fruin does not want to have to guess what conclusions you are coming to as you read
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Unformatted text preview: through. 4) Make sure to relate the Finances to the Strategies i) Financial success is due to their strategy…. ii) Why is the PE ratio better? Because their strategy was better…. 5) Don’t add stuff that isn’t insightful … Some things are just background information, 6) When to site your sources a) Lots of sources are a good thing b) Can be books, off the internet, c) Don’t use Wikipedia for the entire project… It is ok to use it though 7) Actual Presentation a) Make it 15 minutes long b)...
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