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revised f01 San Jose State University Graduate Studies and Research Please type only. Last Name First Name, M.I. SSN Home St. Address City, State, Zip Code Home Phone Daytime Phone Email Address Prerequisites/Comments Faculty Advisor Signature Date Dept. Graduate Advisor Signature Date Approved for University Graduate Committee ± Evaluator Graduate Studies and Research Date Departmental Request for Candidacy and Graduate Degree Program Date Plan ± a) Thesis ( 299 units Req.) ± b) Non-Thesis Plan Competency In Written English Date Completed: MA ± MS ± MBA ± MFA ± MLS ± MUP ± MSW ± MPA ± MPH ± Other ± Change of Classification Date Submitted: Degree Major Concentration Previous College Degree: Institution:
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Unformatted text preview: Degree: Date: Proposed Graduate Degree Program A Courses Within the Department Dept. No. and Title: Sem. Units Grade Sem. Comp. B Culminating: (select one only) Dept. ± 299 Thesis (Indicate Units) ± 298 Project: (Indicate Units, Semester) ± Course: (Indicate Units, Semester, Course number) ± Culminating Experience Report C Courses in Other Departments Dept. No. and Title Sem. Units Grade Sem. Comp. D SJSU Extension or Transfer Resident Courses Transfer Credit must be validated for use at SJSU School Dept. Crse. Title. Sem. Units Grade Sem. Comp. Total Units A: B: C: D: Total: Candidacy for the Degree—Office Use Only Graduate/SJSU Date Sem. Units G.P.A. Total...
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