Problem Set 4 - Chapter 7

Problem Set 4 - Chapter 7 - Linguistics 21, Sections 1 and...

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Linguistics 21, Sections 1 and 2 Spring 2009 Problem Set 4: Diagramming Diagram the following argument using the method presented in Chapter 7. You may work with a partner. This problem set is due on Monday, April 13. 1. Emily deserves to be promoted to project manager, because she's the most qualified candidate and the CEO promised her the job. 2. If we're in Milwaukee, then we're in Wisconsin. Hence, since we're not in Wisconsin, we're not in Milwaukee. 3. Either this is a Celica or it's an Accord. It's a Celica only if it's a Toyota. But it's not a Toyota. Hence, it's not a Celica. Hence, it's an Accord. 4. Practices that inflict suffering on sentient beings without good reason are morally wrong. For humans to kill and eat sentient animals inflicts suffering on them without good reason. Therefore, it is wrong for humans to kill and eat sentient animals. Moreover, a vegetarian diet is healthier than a meat-based diet. For these reasons, people should become vegetarians. 5. Parker is either at the library or he's at Mel’s Bar. But Parker never reads anything but comic books. Therefore, he's probably not at the library. Moreover today is Saturday, and Parker goes to Mel’s Bar almost every Saturday. Therefore, Parker is probably at Mel’s Bar. 6. This car looks exactly like my car, but is it? If this is my car, there should be a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror, and there aren't any. Moreover, if this is my car, my key should fit it in the lock, and it doesn't. So, this isn't my car. 7. If the weather is nice, the reception will be outdoors. If it rains, the reception will be in the ballroom. If the reception is outdoors, I'll need to bring the paper plates. If the reception is in the ballroom, I'll need to bring the china. But it looks like the weather will be nice. The National Weather Service says it will be warm and sunny.
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So, the reception will most likely be outdoors. Therefore,
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Problem Set 4 - Chapter 7 - Linguistics 21, Sections 1 and...

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