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Webcast Assignment February 20, 2009 For students viewing Nurs 137 via webcast on 2/20/2009, please complete the following to be submitted to the Instructor on 2/27/09. 1. View the Nurs 137 webcast live or archived 2. Respond to the following questions/statements: Rural Nursing Practice and Issues : Discuss 1 way the rural nursing role may be different from the nurse practicing in a metropolitan area. Support with
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Unformatted text preview: information discussed by Ms. Kirby or research from your text. Graduate programs and Advanced Practice Nursing : Reflecting on your clinical placement this semester (psych/mental health and/or community health), discuss why a Masters degree and certification as an advanced practice nurse would be an asset for the nurse practicing in these 2 clinical areas. Provide an example from your clinical....
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