renomodel - A Science-Based Framework for Responsible...

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Unformatted text preview: A Science-Based Framework for Responsible Gambling: The Reno Model Alex Blaszczynski University of Sydney & Westmead Hospital, Sydney Robert Ladouceur University of Laval, Quebec Howard J. Shaffer Harvard Medical School, Boston As social observers increasingly identify gambling-related problems as a public health issue, key stakeholders need to join together to reduce both the incidence and preva- lence of gambling-related harm in the community. This position paper describes a strategic framework that sets out principles to guide industry operators, health service and other welfare providers, interested community groups, consumers and govern- ments and their related agencies in the adoption and implementation of responsible gambling and harm minimization initiatives. KEY WORDS: gambling-related harm; problem gambling; public health; responsible gambling; harm minimization. INTRODUCTION During the latter part of the 20th century, legalized gambling expanded rapidly throughout the world. An increasing number of researchers, policy makers, social scientists, interested community Please address correspondence to Alex Blaszczynski, Department of Psychology, Transient Building F12, University of Sydney, NSW 2006; E-mail: [email protected] Journal of Gambling Studies, Vol. 20, No. 3, Fall 2004 ( Ó 2004) 301 1050-5350/04/0900-0301/0 Ó 2004 Human Sciences Press, Inc. members and consumers have begun to seek a better understanding of gambling and gambling-related problems. As these social observers increasingly identify gambling-related problems as a public health concern, a need has emerged for key stakeholders to join together to address this issue. This coalition is necessary to establish and implement a strategic framework that will reduce or eliminate the potential harms that can be associated with gambling while simulta- neously maximizing the potential benefits of gambling. This article is a position paper that presents certain principles and outlines a strategic framework, or blueprint for action, to advance and coordinate efforts to limit gambling-related problems. This paper is not intended to represent a critical and detailed review of the gam- bling literature. Instead, as the seminal 1949 Boulder conference on graduate education in clinical psychology established the ‘‘Boulder Model’’ as a guide for training clinical psychologists (i.e., as Scientist Practitioners; Raimy, 1950), we hope that this paper will provide a strategic framework to help (1) shape the direction for developing responsible gambling initiatives and (2) stimulate a rich and enduring dialogue about responsible gambling concepts and related initiatives. This framework emerged from a meeting that was held in Reno to consider the issue of responsible gambling: hence, the Reno model....
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renomodel - A Science-Based Framework for Responsible...

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