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essay 2 final product - English 1B Professor Draegan Spring...

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English 1B Professor Draegan Spring 2009 Broken English/Audacity of Hope For a kid who’s grown up with a very close relationship with his low income, immigrant, Persian mother and no real father figure, I can easily understand the struggles of any immigrant. There are a few things one can learn about immigrants especially by reading passages such as “Broken English” by Student Poem or about their dreams by listening to Barack Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention called the “Audacity of Hope.” Both pieces of writing express completely different ideas and points but their main message of hope ties them together. They both tell of stories of immigrants who survived because of their impregnable clinch on the strings of hope. I can connect to the thoughts and feelings of immigrants who have just recently arrived to the States. In America, the land that is known as the great melting pot, there is no official language which can inhibit the proper atmosphere for immigrants. In order to fully adapt to our society with a confident sense of hope and opportunity, our government cannot adapt to them, they must adapt to their surroundings. It allows them to be comfortable with their atmosphere and environment that seemingly adapts to them rather than them adapting to it. To understand this we must first understand the texts and then the issue. “Broken English” tells a story of (what we assume to be) an immigrant struggling to survive in America. “I wanted 2 percent but I do not get it Because I misread the label on the Sepassi 2 carton,” (Anonymous 6-9) here she tells us of her frustrations with simple everyday tasks at the grocery store. It leaves us to imagine what other struggles she must have while doing other
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everyday errands that require the use of English reading, writing, or communication skills. Later she tells us, “I am an LVN at Kaiser I ask the patient how she is doing she doesn’t understand me, gives me a glare I shudder at the thought.” (Anonymous 12-16) Again she reiterates her message of conflict , her frustrations, and her obstacles in life. And lastly she finishes with, “I wish to overcome this language barrier An obstacle in my way to success I take this class to grow and learn So one day, I can say Yes, I speak English.” (Anonymous 27-31) Her last
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essay 2 final product - English 1B Professor Draegan Spring...

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