Bus140 - Exam 2 Crib Sheet

Bus140 - Exam 2 Crib Sheet - 1. What is the name of seminal...

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1. What is the name of seminal environmental article that was written by McDonough and Braumgardt: The next industrial revolution 2. If I thought that a variable, let's call it x, might be useful to input to a demand forecasting process, which tool in the OM Toolkit is most likely to help see if this might be true: Regression 3. Typically, a shop will require workers with greater manufacturing skills than would be the case on an assembly line: TRUE 4. Which definition of capacity allows for preventative maintenance that is necessary to support that capacity: Effective Capacity 5. The purpose of product architecture is to help determine where reserve capacity should be places within the firm's supply chain: TRUE 6. Which of the five letters in CZARP framework would deal with the mercury that is found in those energy saving CFM light bulbs (aka those curly ones): A 7. When a grocery store bags up bunches of too ripe bananas and prices the entire bag's contents down to a dollar (bananas usually cost .79 per pound), this is an example of demand tracking : FALSE 8. In chapter seven, which capacity issue is not addressed: human resource management 9. Of the following products, which best illustrates a pure commodity : SALT 10. The demand for a pure commodity is not likely to be influenced by advertising: TRUE 11. The major reason for using MSE rather than MAD as a demand tracking performance metric is that MSE invariable does a better job detecting when the demand pattern's trend changes: FALSE 12. The demand tracking performance metric that is call MAD is the average of the forecast errors: FALSE 13. Which of the components of a time series is most likely to help a demand forecaster to predict when a
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Bus140 - Exam 2 Crib Sheet - 1. What is the name of seminal...

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