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San Jose State University Social Work 204: Social Policy Analysis Instructor: Amy D’Andrade Spring 2010 GUIDELINES: Policy Action (Assignment #3) The purpose of this assignment is for students to actively engage in policy action. In small groups, students are to develop, implement, and analyze an action designed to foster policy change to benefit marginalized, oppressed or disenfranchised groups. The desired change may be at the federal, state, city, county, or agency level. (NOTE: Students targeting change at the state level will be eligible to apply to the ISP State Policy Contest.) Students may choose to target the problem identified in their Policy Analysis (Assignment #2), and the information from that analysis to inform their policy action. The action taken should be informed by strong evidence, and skillful use of knowledge about policy practice. This assignment is worth 25% of the grade for the course. Some ideas for policy actions include:
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