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me120 Project Report aaa

me120 Project Report aaa - Coin Recognition A report on a...

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Coin Recognition A report on a project performed for ME 120 Experimental Methods Laboratory San Jose State University Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Report by: Report Date: 12/1/09
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Abstract Our group developed a program using the LabView Vision software to recognize the patterns of different coins. It can then recognize pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters from one another. Templates were created for each coin, then, pictures of the coins were taken separately and and as a group. These images were stored in the computer and a path-file was created on the Virtual Instrument (VI) to retrieve them. The user can select which coin to look for among group images by selecting the coin template. The VI performs pattern matching between the selected coin template and the group image. The software was successful in matching each individual coin in a group picture that had all the coins. Pictures of the VI distinguishing each coin are shown in the appendices. Background and Objectives The objectives of this project are to study the LabView Vision program and learn how to write a pattern recognition program. The National Instruments Vision software allows the user to develop a program that can recognize and match a pattern in an image using different shapes and sizes. In order to successfully match a pattern, the program needs a template of the pattern to match with an imputed image.
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me120 Project Report aaa - Coin Recognition A report on a...

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