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Revision Summary—What it is and how to do it. A revision summary explains in specific detail what you changed between drafts. Think of it this way… you don’t want me rereading your entire essay, finding new issues. Direct me to the changes you made and explain your reasoning. Here are the guidelines: You will need a separate summary for each essay you plan on submitting. Your revision summary will be typed, MLA format. Title: Revision Summary Essay #_ Your revision summary should be 1-2 full pages, depending on the amount of revision
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Unformatted text preview: you’ve done. • This summary needs to explain, in specific detail, what changes you made between the drafts and why. Explain specifically what you did and why. Example: I moved paragraph #5 to the beginning of my essay. It is now paragraph #2 because the explanation of culture creates a context for my entire essay. I think this information is important for the reader to have early on....
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