Homework 1 - Bridge. Identify at least one tactic or...

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CEE 122 Traffic Engineering Spring 2010 Homework #1 Due: __________________ 1. Name two applications shown in textbook Figure 1-3 that you have experienced or observed in the past, and discuss: a) functional features and operations of the applications, and b) purported benefits for road users or communities. 2. Define and distinguish “Traffic Engineering” and “Transportation Engineering”. 3. Access URL www.ite.org and describe: a) What is ITE (in “About ITE”), and b) How and what can ITE assist you in pursuing transportation engineering career. 4. Define the acronyms. a) 3- b) CBD & MAC (differences between them?) c) ITS d) ETC 5. Read the newspaper article in the back. Describe your knowledge about how state agencies apply the “3-E” approach to resolve the safety issues related to the S-curve on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay
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Unformatted text preview: Bridge. Identify at least one tactic or solution for each “E” implemented by state agencies. 6. What are the traffic problems in urbanized areas that are perceived of great importance to general public and policy makers? 7. Use Table 2-8 in textbook to find the trip purpose that makes up the largest share of typical daily household travel, and share of the most dominant mode of travel for that trip purpose. 8. List the 5 major functional areas of the practice of traffic engineering. 9. What are the factors that contributing greater transit usage in large city’s CBD? 10. Name and define the 5 major transportation systems. What systems is “surface transportation” consisted of?...
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Homework 1 - Bridge. Identify at least one tactic or...

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