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HUMAN LIFE COURSE IN CONTEXT (exercise developed by C. Darrah, modified by Jennifer Anderson) Portfolio Assignments Guidelines Read through this whole set of assignments in advance. They require thinking and gathering information so they cannot be written at the last minute. Portfolio assignments are a minimum of 800 words, double spaced 12 pt. font writing. A lot has to do with the particular assignment and your ability to write concisely and to provide concrete, detailed examples. All assignments must be typed , except for the chart requested in Portfolio #5. The answer to each question should be treated as an essay. The essay grading rubric is posted on the class web site. Portfolio Assignment #1 1. What have been the important age­graded, history­graded and non­normative influences to date on your life course? (Normative age­graded influences are those influences within the life course that are correlated with chronological age. For example, marriage and retirement are two normative age­graded influences. Ex. Puberty. Normative history­graded influences are those influences within the life course that are correlated with historical time and are experienced by the majority of a culture. For example,, wars and epidemics are considered history­graded events. Ex. Twin Towers Each member of a cohort (people in your age group) also continuously experiences different non­normative life events throughout their life course. These are things which are unique to your experience. Ex. Your parents took you to India). 2. When did they happen and how have they shaped your life? Ask your family members about your early life and parts of it you don’t remember. Be specific and detailed, and write in complete sentences and paragraphs that have been edited and proofed. 3. What are the major transitions you have gone through? Were there ruptures in which you were doing one thing and then suddenly had to do something different? Why? Were there interruptions , such as to a career? Why? Were there bridges or gradual transitions to new stages of life (e.g. an apprenticeship is a bridge between school and work)? Why?
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Portfolio_Assignments - HUMAN LIFE COURSE IN...

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