POLS 100W- what is poli sci_ report

POLS 100W- what is poli sci_ report - Firenzi 100W...

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Firenzi 100W 4/13/2009 What is Political Science? The Role of Local Politics There are a vast amount of answers to the question of what political science is. Some narrow- minded individuals would say it is not a science at all, and it is more like a bunch of greedy men and women vying for power and wealth. A student of political science would say something like “at it's core, it is the science of how a community is best and most efficiently governed and operated.” Throughout all of the different interpretations of political science, there is definitely one thing that everyone can agree on, and that is it had to start somewhere. A philosopher by the name of Plato was one of the earliest developers of what political science is, and in his book The Republic , he creates a fictional society that he sees as ideal. I wont go as far as saying I agree with his ideal state, but I would go as far as agreeing that the purest form of political science is at the base of society. Now let us fast forward approximately 2,500 years later to where we stand today. Politics are more complicated today than ever before. We have capitalists and socialists, democrats and republicans, the state and the federal government, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches (at the national and state level also). This is all within the United States, but there are even more complicated democratic, authoritarian, communist, and socialist regimes throughout the world. We'll stay home for this question of political science, and by home I mean the easiest and fastest way to experience politics in action, which is that of local politics. It is more than proven that democracy is the most efficient way of running a government. Although it is elaborate and complicated, the checks and balances of democracies have prevented war between two truly democratic states thus far. The American brand of democracy seems to be watered down by the use of money and exclusive networking to determine our leaders for tomorrow. Some would say it is the citizens of America who are at fault for being out of tune and not participating in
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the democratic process. Others would argue that big business and our consumer mindset has made politics all about the money. The bottom line here is that, for the most part, American's do not feel included or engaged in politics in our country. There is a way to change this, and it starts from the bottom up. Sure our voices are limited at the
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POLS 100W- what is poli sci_ report - Firenzi 100W...

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