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KahnWSOConner - Emigrated or Immigrated Page Grandma from...

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Listen • Speak • Engage Kahn – COMM 100W  Worksheet for  Woe Is I  by Patricia O’Conner Fill in the blanks. Indicate the page number where you found the answer. Which or that? Page # ______ Buster’s bulldog, _____________ had one white ear, won best in show. The dog ______________ won best in show was Buster’s bulldog. Is or are? Page # ______ The majority ________________ in charge. Still, a majority of voters __________________ unhappy. Was or were? Page # ______ A substance _________________ stuck to Stan’s shoe. A green, slimy, and foul-smelling substance _________________ stuck to Stan’s shoe.
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Unformatted text preview: Emigrated or Immigrated? Page # ______ Grandma __________________________ from Hungary in 1923, the same year that Grandpa __________________________ to America. Lay or lie? Page # ______ If you’re not feeling well, __________________ your tools aside and __________________ down. Add a semicolon to this sentence: Page # ______ Andy’s toupee flew off his head it sailed into the distance. Rewrite this sentence: Page # ______ On returning home, Maxine’s phone rang. What is a transitive verb? Page # ______ Kahn COMM 100W - Spring 2010 page 1 of 1...
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