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Self-Assessment of Course Goals How has the course thus far met each of these goals: 1.   Examine and use a variety of tools for assessing and diagnosing the literacy strengths and needs of student from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. a. What new tools have you acquired? b. Have you strengthened you understanding of tools you already used? 2. To understand the relationship between ongoing literacy assessment and learner-centered instruction. a. How can you provide ongoing literacy assessment? b. How does assessment support learner-centered instruction?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. To use ongoing assessment data to teach skills and strategies to students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds? a. How does assessment connect to teaching skills and strategies? 4. To provide guided practice in using a range of assessment tools and related learning experiences appropriate for struggling readers and writers. a. How have the try-its and in class work improved your knowledge and skill in using assessment tools? b. What have you learned about using assessment to guide instruction?...
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