Practice Exam 3 Sp09

Practice Exam 3 Sp09 - Managerial Accounting Practice Exam...

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Managerial Accounting Practice Exam 3 Chapters 7,8,9 l. Organization-sustaining activities are canied'out regardless of how many units are made, how many batches are run, or how many different products are made. 6G) r'dr. 2. Would factory security and assembly activities be best classified at an appliance manufacturing plant as unit- I evel, b atch-l evel, pro duct- I evel. or or ganizatt on-sustaining ? kr"<t^. drF{g^-e-,r-t<-e Security A. Produot B. Batch O.g*nation D. Organization Assembly Unit Batch Unit Product 3. Parts administration is an example of a: A. Unit-level activity. B_. Batch-level activity. @Rroduct-level activity. D. Or ganizati on-sustai n ing. 4. Leaper Corporation uses an activity-based costing system with the following three activity cost pools: Aotivity Cost Pool Total Activity Fabrioation 40,000 machine-hours C)rder processing . .............. fXher. . The Other activity cost pool is The company has provided the Wages and salaries. .... $360-000 Depreciation,. 140.000 Occupancl'. .... 160.000 TotaI. .,. .......... [email protected] 200 orders )rTnf ennlinehle ' _-'l _'-' used to accumulate costs of idle capacity and following data concerning its costs: )rr:t>roci, X l4() t c'tc'b )A \$w, c-zuzr;'x pools is given organi zation-sustainin g costs. \o /, c}i't. r<9'(, below: L,J +-3 : qu?' \''3L2O/c-L!- + DEF -- 557' ^ \q (t' ()ot' OCL = V'€>'t' x \l-et',. ui u ycr 3, age, 293, <s,;<tz _S ' /zc-'tt =' lq (-,t -) The distribution of resource consumption across activity cost Order Fabrioation Processing Other Total \Vages and salaries. ..... 35ot'o 400,,6 25orc 1009t, Depreoiation. . 5ot'o 55o'b Qo.'o l00orir Occupancy. .... 309.6 450,6 25"'o l00ozo The activity rate for the Order Processing activity cost pool is closest to: A. $1,485 per order B. $ 1.540 per order .^\ G/$l .465 per order D. $1,320 per order
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PQ,+erte6 4kt4 3 Tornasini Corporation has provided the follou,ing data from its activity-based costing accounting s-ystem: Supervisorl' wages $660.000 <:, , .
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Practice Exam 3 Sp09 - Managerial Accounting Practice Exam...

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