197 Funcationl Change Group Treatment session structure

197 Funcationl Change Group Treatment session structure -...

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HRTM 197 FACILITATION TECHNIQUES PLANNING GUIDE – PLEASE FOLLOW Content Structure for a Recreation Therapy Group Treatment Session * Timing provided below is based upon a 25 minute session. 1. 4 minutes for HRTM 197 ( 10-12 minutes for a typical hour session) – BRIEFING: ORIENTATION/ SETTING THE TONE (Environment, Scene, And Interpersonal Context) And GRABBING THE GROUP’S ATTENTION : This is the most important part of your facilitation. If done with care, setting the tone will foster an excellent experience. If done quickly or with less attention, you may struggle throughout the entire experience. This involves some means of "orienting" the clients to the intended purpose of the session. This period of time allows the client to adjust to what they are about to contemplate, learn, or experience. During this time you might even directly tell the clients the purpose of the activity/experience. It is extremely effective to start with a question or two and a story. Then use one of the following methods to grab the group’s attention. This time period (#1) is brief yet potent. a. Statistical/factual : Providing factual information, terms, concepts or visual aides (models) that is striking and grabs the client’s attention to the importance/relevance of the topic. b. Group discussion/sharing : Ask a provocative question that steers the individual/group towards thinking about the topic from a personal perspective. This might highlight a central concept, term, and/or question(s) to reflect upon and share. c. One-to-one sharing (1:1): Ask a provocative question or propose a brief sharing in dyad or triad. Then have 1-4 people share their discoveries with the whole group. d. Mini-experience : a brief questionnaire, a short experience (relaxation exercise, thought exercise), or a very brief activity to get across a point (“look at your hand and discover something new…what do you see?” – “Facing your neighbor, look silently into their left eye without speaking and trying to keep and serene face for 30 seconds. What do you see?”). 2.
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197 Funcationl Change Group Treatment session structure -...

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