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ChAD106 Research Paper Description S09

ChAD106 Research Paper Description S09 - ChAD106 Concepts...

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ChAD106: Concepts of Childhood Research Paper Assignment Description There are four global topics that we address in ChAD106 over the semester: Child Health, Child Labor, Education, and Children in Conflict. For the term paper, students will select one of these topics and discuss the relevant situation in three different countries (two of which must be outside the United States, but cannot be South Africa). You will address the following: Background information on the topic and in each country Progress being made in each country Remaining challenges in each country What your findings suggest about the view of childhood in those countries Students should research their topics through the use of both criticism of other scholars (i.e., professional peer-reviewed journals and books) and their own analysis of primary sources (websites, popular media, case studies, interviews, and census reports, etc.). A minimum of six scholarly sources must be referenced. It is expected that the
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