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202_week_10_ppt - JS 202 Research Design Methods and...

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Unformatted text preview: JS 202: Research Design, Methods, and Evaluation Interpreting data Don't be afraid... don't be very afraid... Different ways to tell a story Describing Counting Factoring Clustering Comparing Finding commonalities Examining deviant cases Finding co-variation Ruling out rival explanations Modeling Basic questions in an evaluation What happened in the Px? How faithfully did it adhere to its plan? Did recipients improve? Was observed change due to the Px Did benefits outweigh costs? What were the unanticipated effects? What recommendations can be made? How are the findings limited? What new policies and Pxs are supported? What characteristics were associated with Px success? Measures of central tendency Distribution Mean Median Mode Standard deviation Variance Descriptive statistics Summarize and otherwise describe data in manageable form: Univariate analysis Single variable Relationship between two variables Relationship between two or more variables Bivariate analysis Multivariate analysis Inferential statistics Generalize from sample to a larger population Form conclusions from observations Assume random sampling Review: Statistical significance Chi square ...
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