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It’s obvious that the group of people is experiencing great difficulties getting along with each other. The first thing I would do to take care of the situation is to establish a safe and common ground within my group. I feel like if the group cannot get along over simple differences, then you must work towards a solution from the beginning. First, I will communicate with everyone in the group so none of the group members experience any tension. I can do this by expressing positive attitudes and feelings when communicating with my peers. I would especially, “Avoid disagreement and disagreeableness.” (Rothwell, 77). Secondly, I will make sure that not only I, but my group members as well, appear friendly, open, and interested in order for everyone to appear approachable. These consist of my ground rules which Rothwell discusses in Chapter 3: Group Development. This all goes to help create a comfortable environment and avoid the primary tension, or initial uneasiness, that the group encounters first. Next, I will take further action to avoid any secondary tension that the group faces
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