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Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines - PRESENTATION GUIDELINES For the...

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PRESENTATION GUIDELINES For the presentations, you should consider the following four main areas. After you provide your “overview” I will ask the students in the class if they would like to add anything or if they have any input, questions, etc. I may clarify some points and add things along the way after you give your clarification points, as well as your defense/criticism/analysis. The time suggestions below are just for what you (the presenter) will say; the rest of the class and I will fill in the rest of the time. If you give a presentation for an article, you do not need to turn in an Article Summary for that Article . However, do turn in a copy of your presentation so I can give you feedback as well as your grade for the presentation. 1. INTRO. : (1-3 minutes) Give the title, author, and page number of the article you're presenting. Mention where this person teaches currently (if applicable), and try to find a picture and very brief bio of them.
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