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Geology 112 Term Paper Directions Due: Sections 1 and 2, April 12 th ; Section 3 and 4, April 29 th Purpose: Write a 6-7 page term paper answering a question regarding an aspect of hazards and risks of either an earthquake or volcano. The topic may be related to a specific event, related mitigation measure, or recovery response. See list of topics below. Term paper requirements: 6-7 pages of text, double spaced, typed You may use APA or MLA writing style: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ place illustrations after text at least two illustrations, graphs or charts, cited within in text (Put effort into choosing these figures either by importing directly from the website or neatly trimmed and pasted to another page - subtract 10 points if added at the last minute –including the entire print out) two primary sources are required from scientific or geologic journals (Geology, Science, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute or any other scientific journal) Two other sources (not including Wikipedia and text ) citation of information using any standard format electronic submission to turnitin.com for analysis of any plagiarized portion before class begins on due date(see directions below) Formatting: Research paper should be printed on a computer printer or a typewriter using the following standard format: Do use a cover sheet with topic, your name, date and section number (no plastic folders) . Double space entire manuscript, and leave a 1 inch margin on all sides of the page. Use a 12 point, preferably Helvetica or Times. Number pages at bottom and staple the paper in the upper left corner. Avoid subtitles: paragraphs should be well developed and flow from one topic to another
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termpaper_directions - Geology 112 Term Paper Directions...

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