Class 5 - Remember that you need to identify Davis’ argument however your essay(and your claim needs to evaluate Davis’ argument and his

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Homework Wednesday, February 10, 2010 NO CLASS MONDAY, February 15 th For Wednesday, February 17, 2010 complete the following: Working Claim for Essay #1 —write 1 or 2 paragraphs that address the bullets at the top of your prompt for Essay #1. This is part of the process for developing a thesis. o Using the Davis text, refer to your prompt for Essay #1and follow the steps on Envision pgs 21-3. o For reference, see DKHB pgs. 100-3, 146-7, & 122 o There is an example of an effective rhetorical analysis (what I am asking you to do for Essay #1) beginning on page 122 of DKHB. If you want to know what your finished product needs to do, read this example! Make sure your working claim demonstrates qualities of an effective thesis (see handout).
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Unformatted text preview: Remember that you need to identify Davis’ argument; however, your essay (and your claim) needs to evaluate Davis’ argument and his structural elements, not the topic of his article! Your working claim is due via email ( [email protected] ) on Monday 2/15 by 11:59pm . In the subject line of your email, type the following: ± Your name. ± Your section number. ± “Working Claim.” For example: “Kolette Draegan 74 Working Claim.” • Reading : 9 DKHB pages 308-325 & 350-420 9 Envision Chapter 9 & 153-156 9 Bring your texts to class on Tuesday. • Reading Response #4 —see instructions under the “Reading Response” section of the course website....
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