Syllabus - Stats 95, Elementary Statistics Instructor:...

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Stats 95, Elementary Statistics Spring, 2010 Instructor : Merrit Hoover OfFce: DMH Rm. 253 OfFce Hours: Tuesday, 4-6pm email: [email protected] Textbook and Materials . The bookstore carries the 6th edition, but any other edition will actually sufFce. If and when I refer to speciFc chapters, they may not line up exactly with older versions of the text, but should still be usable. WebAssign - All homework will be assigned online, so you will need to purchase an access code (this is usually an entirely paperless transaction). Go online to the main WebAssign system ( ). Your username & password will be provided in class, but you will have to pur- chase an access code. This code can be purchased online using a credit or debit card. When you Frst log in, web assign will walk you through the basic steps required to activate your account. Statistics is a math course, and, as in all mathematics courses, the more you practice, the better you will be. There will be required homework assignments, and supplemental practice problems will be available to you in class. I strongly encourage you to make use of these resources. You are required to have a handheld calculator with basic functionality such as exponents and square roots, but there is no need for an expensive graphing calculator. A basic $10 or $15 scientiFc calculator will do. Please be aware that I will not allow you to use calculators on your phone or computer during exams, so you must have a basic scientiFc calculator for exam purposes. Homework Homework will be assigned using the WebAssign web site ( ). There will be approxi- mately 9 homework assignments (as discussed above). Homeworks will not be accepted late, however, I do understand that circumstances may prevent you from completing or turning homework in on time. In light of this, I will drop your lowest homework assignment from your total points possible before calcu- lating your grade. Purpose and Description
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Syllabus - Stats 95, Elementary Statistics Instructor:...

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