Personal Introduction - It wasnt like I got into a lot of...

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Eng. 100 wb 9/26/08 Personal Introduction So where should we begin this? We will start with the things that define a person. I am 6’4” tall. I have blue eyes. I have very pale skin and blonde hair. I weigh about two-hundred ten pounds with a thin, slender frame. I am athletic and love to play sports like ping pong, racquet ball, tennis, softball, and weight lifting. Those who know me well find me to be an enjoyable person with a great personality and a sense of humor that is world class. I grew up with two older brothers: one six years older, the other eight years older. I learned a lot from my brother Nick who is six years older. What I learned wasn’t always good, but none the less he has helped form me into the man I am today. My parents weren’t around much after I was about 10. They both worked long hours as accountants which gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted. Whatever I wanted included biking around and hanging out with friends.
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Unformatted text preview: It wasnt like I got into a lot of trouble as many would assume when someone says that they could do whatever they wanted as a kid. I was a good son, I think. I always had girlfriends ever since preschool. I can remember a few but not all. In third grade I was afraid to hug my girlfriend, Jessica. In fourth grade I dated Sharon. In sixth grade I had my first kiss, Malory. In seventh grade I fell in love with a girl, Jessica. Then something weird happened when I got to high school. For four years there were no more girlfriends. But who defines themselves by the amount of girlfriends they have had, a hedonist maybe. I am: a lover, a hater, a liar, an honest man, a thief, a giver, a person, an alien, a liberal, a conservative, vague, clear, confident, insecure, wise, foolish, strong, weak, knowledgeable, unaware, independent, reliant, lost, present, lazy, hard-working, and on and on. I am how you perceive me to be. But most importantly, I am....
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Personal Introduction - It wasnt like I got into a lot of...

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