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H170 Key Terms February 8, 2010 Imperialism vs. Colonization Background of Spanish Conquest Stages in Spanish Conquest Nature vs. nurture (the example of Peru and Mexico) February 22, 2010 Comparisons: New Spain and New France Samuel de Champlain Lessons learned from sixteenth century French expeditions Push and Pull Factors: New France in the 17 th century Birth and mortality rates in New France March 1, 2010 English privateering Push factors for English expansion in the sixteenth century
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Unformatted text preview: Sir Wa lter Raleigh’s goals Lessons from Roanoke Island March 8, 2010 Advantages of Barbados Settlement From Servitude to Slavery in Barbados during the 17 th century Privateers and Planters in Jamaica Praying towns of New England King Philip’s War (1676) – not covered March 15, 2010 King Philip’s War (1676) New England Paradoxes New England “linkages” Labor Problem in Virginia Powhatan Land Problem in Virginia Bacon’s Rebellion...
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