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Business Plan Step 1

Business Plan Step 1 - Business Plan Step 1 Business 10 The...

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Business Plan Step 1/ Business 10 The fantastic four is proposing a used automobile dealership. We plan to sell a variety of used automobiles; including, cars, light duty trucks, and heavy duty trucks. Our unique selling proposition is that we will include an unbeatable warranty with all of our used vehicles, offer a detailed carfax report before finalization every purchase, our numerous finance options and our focus on an inventory of automobiles based around fuel efficiency. Also, aside from our quality, inventory and what we offer, our goal is to pair up with an insurance company. Our warranty will be the best in the industry because we want all of our customers to be secure in their new investment. The intention of our car reports are for people to be sure about what they are using their hard earned money on. Our financing options will adapt and conform to the needs of the individual so that every person has a good chance of walking in with hopes and walking out with a better car. Finally, we will ensure fuel efficiency in all of our vehicles by adding on elements to the car that
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