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TIPS FOR SPEECHES #2 AND #3 PERSUASIVE SPEAKING The following is a checklist that you can use to make sure that you are meeting the requirements for persuasive speeches. Before you hand in your speeches, make sure that you have checked these details. Outline Do you have statistics, definitions, testimonials (expert) and peer testimony (if desired), examples as support material? None of these should be written as main points. They are evidence to support your main points. Are you using full, complete, declarative sentences? No questions? No phrases? Have you proofread your outline thoroughly? Are you using proper indentation and labeling? Have you cited all of your sources and evidence in the text? Do you have a reference page? Are your sources in proper APA format? Is the KIND of reasoning that you use clearly identified and labeled? Is the Maslow’s need and American cultural values included and labeled?
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Unformatted text preview: Is you thesis sentence conducive to a value proposition for Speech #2 and a policy proposition for Speech #3. Content • Does every main point that you make tie back to your thesis statement? • Is each point developed appropriately? • Do you incorporate a variety of sources? • Do you address any counter arguments? • Have you included ways to get and keep your audience’s attention? • Have you given them a compelling reason to listen? Have you related your topic to their needs and their experiences? • Have you summarized your main points? • For Speech #3, have you included a clear call to action? • What about your visual aid? Is it boring? Would it get YOUR attention if you had to listen to you? Does it help clarify your material? Credibility • Have you established your credibility in your introduction? • Are you using credible sources? • Is your reasoning sound and ethical?...
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Comm._20_Tips_for_Persuasive_Speeches - Is you thesis...

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