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Midterm 3, S09 - Name ID Chem 130C 1 a Midterm 3 Spring...

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Name ID # Chem 130C Midterm 3 Spring 2009 1. a) ( 8 points ) The mRNA transcript of a T7 phage gene contains the sequence shown below: 5’-AACUGCACGAGGUAACACAAGAUGGCU-3’ Predict the effect of a mutation that changes the G marked by the arrow to an A on the synthetic rate of the viral protein encoded by the mRNA, explaining the reasoning that led to your prediction. (The sequence of bases at the 3’ end of the 16S rRNA is 3’OH-AUUCCUCCACUAG…) b) ( 7 points ) AUG is both the start codon and the codon specifying the insertion of an internal Met residue. In addition, only the N-terminal Met is formylated in prokaryotic proteins. Explain how it is possible for the initiating tRNA to distinguish the start codon from those that signify internal methionine residues, and why only the Met on the initiating tRNA is formylated.
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Chem 130C Midterm 3 Spring 2009 Page 2 c) ( 10 points) A double stranded fragment of viral DNA encodes two oligopeptides ( vir -1, containing 10 residues and vir -2, containing 5 residues).
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