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. Comm101 Jake Simmons, PhD Research Paper 5/1/09 Interpersonal Relationships and Gender Studies: An Intertwined Approach to Building and Sustaining Romantic Relationships It is part of our human nature to interact with one another and engage in interpersonal relations. I often think of us as socially interactive creatures that feed off others’ energy, and that’s why we surround ourselves with the people we do. Since each individual is uniquely different, we will experience different levels of intimacy in our relationships, but if you have ever shared a lovely bond with a significant other, such as having a boyfriend or girlfriend, then you have most likely taken your relationship to new heights and something truly meaningful. From my very own experience, I’ve found out that relationships follow a road to happiness. I feel that in order to have a healthy relationship one must foreshadow events, so that one can prepare themselves for anything. After extensive research, I have combined my findings to include a walk-through the study of interpersonal relations based on gender studies. I figured if one would like to establish a healthy relationship, then they must be familiar with gender differences. Furthermore, the gender differences will provide people with better approaches to interpersonal communication for either gender. According to the article, “Reconsidering Gender-Related Research In Interpersonal Communication”, authors Deanna D. Sellnow and Tamara D. Rhodes emphasize on the importance of examining interpersonal communication based on a given gender and its differences (Sellnow). They begin to write on the
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basis of how and why other researchers studying interpersonal relations should make clear distinctions among both genders. I feel as though the authors bring up a significantly valid point of view because there is clearly a correlation between interpersonal relations and gender studies. I have come to my senses in that if people want to establish better relationships with people, then they must have an understanding of interpersonal relations and gender studies. I strongly believe that if individuals are aware of both, the possibilities of having better relationships improve significantly. As far as interpersonal relationship is concerned, the main purpose is to improve relations by providing theory in order to establish healthier relationships. Interpersonal relations include conflicts as well as means to a resolution. An interpersonal relationship is a relatively long-term association between two or more people (Wikipedia). Interpersonal relationships take place in a great variety of contexts, such as family, friends, marriage, acquaintances, work, clubs, neighborhoods, and churches. They may be regulated by law, custom, or mutual agreement, and are the basis of social groups and society as a whole. Although humans are fundamentally social creatures, interpersonal relationships are not always healthy. A crucial component for constructive interpersonal relations
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final research - . Comm101 Jake Simmons, PhD Research Paper...

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