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TEACHING ACTIVITY EXPECTATIONS NURS 147A Phyllis M. Connolly PhD, RN, CS (6/98, rev. 6/02) In order to prepare your materials for your teaching activity you will need to prepare a draft of the learner’s objectives at least two weeks prior to the scheduled teaching session . Some topics are based on the material in the manual My symptom management workbook: A wellness expedition (Murphy, Moller, Billings, 1996). The manual is available in the NLRC and on site at Casa Feliz and Zoe House. You may use reliable websites (see suggested web site list in syllabus). You will have approximately 45 minutes for the teaching activity. Generally, 5 to 10 residents will attend. You should also have all materials that you expect to use for your teaching session for my review for the conference (two weeks prior to scheduled teaching session) . You will need to prepare and post signs advertising the session one week before the scheduled activity. You also need to have copies, distribute and collect the Client Satisfaction Forms based on your teaching. You need to have the
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