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Bus150 - 18 June Class Notes

Bus150 - 18 June Class Notes - Chapter 15 Working with...

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Chapter 15: Working with Organized Labor 18 June 2009 Union : an organization that represents employee’ interest to management on such issues as wages, work hours, and working conditions Union dues – fees they pay for the union services Labor relations specialists: someone, often a member of the HR department, who is knowledgeable about labor relations and can represent management’s interest to a union 1. The Wagner Act (1935) – a federal law designed to protect employees’ rights to form and join unions and to engage in such activities as strikes, picketing, and collective bargaining National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) – the independent federal agency created by the Wagner Act to administer U.S labor law o To administer certification elections, secret ballot elections that determine whether employees want to be represented by a union o To prevent remedy unlawful acts called unfair labor practices o Issuing a cease and desist order, which requires the guilty part to stop engaging in the unlawful labor practice 2. The Taft-Hartley Act (1947) – a federal law designed to limit some of the power acquired by unions under the Wagner Act by adjusting the regulations of labor management relations to ensure a level playing field for both parties Union shop clause – a union arrangement that requires new employees to join the union 30 to 60 days after their date of hire Right-to-work Law – a state that makes it illegal within that state for a union to include a union shop clause in its contract 3. The Landrum-Griffin Act (1959) – a law designed to protect union members and their participation in union affairs Railway Labor Act – a law designed to regulate labor relations in the transportation industry These laws regulate labor relations in the private sector. Private sector labor relations are covered by federal or state
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