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BUS140 Extra Credit - and work He is aware that he can’t...

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Pedro Martinez Row D Professor Denzler BUS140 8 December, 2008 Neat Ideas Fair At the neat ideas fair the business plan that I was most interested in was one called Kiss the Bride from Alberto Alvarado. The mission of Kiss the Bride is to provide resources and business advice to wedding officiants. It will essentially be an association of wedding officiants. The target market is the nondenominational wedding officiants, which he has researched to be 25,553. He has realized that there are only two other national competitors one of which appears to be out of business. What Mr. Alvarado plans to do is to put up a website where other wedding officiants subscribe for only 60 dollars a year and receive information and advice to any business related issues. What he’s figured out, through personal experience in being an officiant himself, is that there are many officiants who need help finding out information
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Unformatted text preview: and work. He is aware that he can’t be at every wedding so he’s willing to share the market with other officiants. What initially interested me in the idea was the enthusiasm and passion that he had for his idea. Others had great ideas, but no passion or motivation and I believe that those are keys to success. The second thing at interested me was the potential of his idea. He projects that if he could get 400 individuals to register in the first year alone he could have a profit of $24,000. Given the huge, untapped, market he believes that this could easily be achieved with little start-up costs. I believe that Mr. Alvarado has a great idea on his hands, that if he applies his enthusiasm and passion into it he can make it work. The market is there and nearly no competitors to get in his way....
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