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Denis Dutton "Artistic Crimes" 1983 from The Forger's Art "DENIS DUTTON, the editor of the highly-regarded Web publication, Arts & Letters Daily , also teaches the philosophy of art at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He is a director of Radio New Zealand, Inc. writes widely on aesthetics. and is editor of the journal Philosophy and Literature , published by the Johns Hopkins University Press." 1) The concept of forgery is a touchstone of criticism, but has been ignored a) critics have praised forged works: makes them look ridiculous b) "the aesthetic object as perceived is no different after the revelation that it is forged" [a position opposed by Dutton] c) suspicion that they praised the work for the wrong reasons in the first place, i.e. because it was a work by a great artist d) I shall seek to discredit this view [i.e. the idea that the aesthetic object remains the same after revelation of forgery] e) Smith and Jones story: “truly electric performance” “it was electronic”
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Dutton_Artistic_Crimes - Denis Dutton "Artistic...

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