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Chicago and Turabian Style Footnotes - Turabian Style...

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Turabian Style - Sample Footnotes and Bibliographic Entries (6th edition) Turabian documentation format uses Footnotes or Endnotes and a Bibliography. Footnotes or Endnotes : In the text, the note reference follows the passage to which it refers and is marked with an arabic numeral typed slightly above the line (superscript). Notes are arranged numerically at the foot (Footnotes) of the page or at the end (Endnotes) of the essay, article, or book. Notes include complete bibliographic information when cited for the first time. Bibliography : Lists only sources used in writing the paper. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author's surname and include complete bibliographic information. See the following examples for more information. Note the difference in form and punctuation. Type of entry Note Entry Form Bibliography Form Book, one author Daniel A. Weiss, Oedipus in Not- tingham: D.H. Lawrence (Seattle: Univer- sity of Washington Press, 1962), 62. Weiss, Daniel A. Oedipus in Nottingham: D.H. Lawrence. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1962. Book, two authors Walter E. Houghton and G. Robert Strange, Victorian Poetry and Poetics (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1959), 27 Houghton, Walter E., and G. Robert Strange. Victorian Poetry and Poetics.
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Chicago and Turabian Style Footnotes - Turabian Style...

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