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miller_j_dsgd105.1 - 105 office hours mon/wed 11:30 to...

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105 classroom protocol: phones and other like devices off—do not take or make calls no food that might drip or smell no spray adhesives (do not spray inside the building) no cutting on table tops—use your portable cutting surface printers may be used only for dsgd 105 coursework undivided attention required during critiques: no talking except to entire class and no laptop or other device use do not add work to the wall or critique area after a critique or presentation has begun required in-class materials: research and reference materials, and working digital files pencil, kneaded eraser, ruler black, gray, and color markers, extra fine to wide 9x12 marker pad and tracing pad clear push pins for presentation days laptop computer with largest possible screen full versions of illustrator, photoshop, and fonts software helvetica or univers type families required, no substitutions wireless network access: www.sjsu.edu/sjsuone/ other necessary/strongly recommended materials: hard drive backup device and software digital color printer capable of 13x19 output schaedler precision rules metal non-slip cutting rule x-acto knife and #11 blades in dispenser/disposal unit portable cutting surface (required for cutting in classrooms) graphic arts adhesive (no spraying allowed in building) cost of printouts and supplies ranges from $200 to $400.
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