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5. Calculate the mass flow rate of condensate from the humidity ratios before and after the evaporator as well. Compare this to the measured mass flow rate of condensate. What may cause any differences? The mass flow rate may be calculated by multiplying the changes in humidity; m condensate = ( w exit - w inlet ) m air for this case it was m condensate = ( w2 – w3 ) m3. The figure X7 shows the calculation done on Excel. The m
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Unformatted text preview: condensate from the calculation was 1.278E5 (Mcond,m) , and it was measured on average, 1.064E4 (Mcond,m). The error percent is 87%. Figure X7 Calculations done on excel for m condensate w ( in )w (o u t) v2 (k g /s )v 3 (k g /s )m 2 (k g /s )m 3 (k g /s )M co nd M co nd ,m .0 08 49 30 .0 08 69 10 .8 51 .8 29 10 .1 49 .1 51 1 .2 87 E-0 51 .0 64 E-0 4...
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