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NURS236BS09coursedescription - SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY...

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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Nursing NURSING ADMINISTRATION THEORIES AND CONCEPTS & PRACTICUM II NURS 236B - 4 Units COURSE DESCRIPTION Opportunity for advanced experience in the nurse administrator role. Applying conceptual models and theories for operations and personnel management, the student assumes the administrator role in a practicum with minimal supervision within a diverse health care setting. PREREQUISITES NURS 236A PREREQUISITES OR CONCURRENT COURSE NURS 200, NURS 202, NURS 204 COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course the learner will: 1. apply management concepts and theories to a health systems management project for a population at risk; 2. select effective administrative communication and leadership styles; 3. demonstrate appropriate systems outcome measures based on current theories and models of resource management; 4. implement and evaluate an original management project including relevant administrative strategies, interaction patterns, and ethical issues for an ethnically diverse population at risk; 5. utilize the American Nurses Association Scope and Standards for Nurse Administrators across all settings; 6. apply appropriate ethical theory in resolving issues related to health care delivery, and, 7. utilize appropriate information and data base systems and strategies to manage care within a rapidly changing health care environment. MSOffice/236B grnsh (4/19/02 rev;6/15/04;7/24/04.;rev12/07;rev 11/08; rev.1/09) 1
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COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1. Approximately 8 hours/week or 108 hours (12 of these hours will be Elluminate seminars) for semester which include: 1.1 Ongoing administrator role responsibilities, 1.2 Weekly journal and log, 1.3 Developing, implementing and evaluating a self-directed management project, 1.4 Scheduled meetings with preceptor, 1.5 236B weekly seminar participation which may be in Elluminate Meeting Room. 2. Midterm and final evaluation conference (10 points). Self-evaluation based on the ANA Standards for Nurse Administrators; Nurse Practice Act; and course objectives. Prepare a portfolio based on provided guidelines for midterm and final evaluations. 3.
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NURS236BS09coursedescription - SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY...

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