Midterm 2 Spring 08 Eggers

Midterm 2 Spring 08 Eggers - SCANTRON" FOR USE ON TEST...

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Unformatted text preview: -/.------------\ SCANTRON" FOR USE ON TEST SCORING MACHINE ONLY REORDER ONLINE www.scantronforms.com $s$s95Sg8 ililililt 08 09 M12 0208 1211 109876543 Bli2-E tr lt n tr n n tr n t Tt ULULT]UL]LUL rOlO<lrO@t-@O)O NOI$I(\T(\I(\IN(\I(\.I(D I ilI FORM NO E o- r!!!?glo(oi-crcDc) (Dc.)(Y)(')(D(Oc)(|Do.)+ +l+l++;+*+ r e r ? I Pl a + I !r++[+il+linr l+++;l+l+b ilil ALLFGHTSFESERVED IUS PAT NOS D51915CS: 5.085587]729890I 82) <f I- i r.sr No.iar.N!!(^L" I L . MAKE DARK MARKS . ERASE COMPLETELY TO CHANGE TO USE SUBJECTIVE SCOHE FEATURE: . Mark lotal possible subjective points . Only one mark per line on key .163 poinls maximum EXAMPLE oF , * * 3o io 60 - r0Ar0 STUDENT /b- SCOFE:43210- ninTrt)n ogocl<l<.rcl.-r6,] U ! L. rI U L nnnnnn ToPoooooo,i !ULULLU.] nnNTt nn ffflffSlff 1 ll n n a n n n ft n oooooooo()o !U!OUU!UL! nfFtrnnnFnn odlodtodloooo U!!U!U!!UU nnnnnnnnnn I] ! ! U U U U U U U t,i333ii6.'3cr ltlurrLrtlru ++tT+l+l+f nnf,-llnninntr !UUUL]ULUUL r(\lO<[email protected][email protected] FFFFFF(\I nntrn 3P,oo U!U! nnnn RRo- L/ ri ! ! triltrFt SBsnt UUU! nnntr 83oo U!LI! afntr Ffi?T lt ilililili il ililililil11111ilrilililil ,.b.r,3t3'^t-TXSR # FEED rHts DtBECfloN I ,\ /'\ '\\ i X \.rt /\; , r\ '\. i ,$ *\u \,.oql \'\t I ,\i \/ \_* BUs 130 - lntroduction to Marketing - Midterm 2 - April 21"t 2OOB Name: Student Part 1: l. Whfh of the following is a product? ,,' A)/ a gross of linen tablec to use at wedding receptions 'tEf, a dozen long-stem ros as a birthday gift for his wife C) a can of liquid starch bought by a man who likes to wear crispll, ironed shirts D) a teenager's purchase of a pair of desi-ener -1eans E) paint bought by' a hardware store owner to paint his own house 2. A manufacturer that wants to sustain its revenues and profits should eneags in ns\ '-product ,development because: A at a certain percentage of a companr,'s products must be neu, (BL ugh a product life cycle that culminates in a sales decline. tj most profitable ones. D) copyright protections last for only' 5 years unless the product is somehow revitalized. E) consumers do not like to bu.v products that are not innovative 3. Why' do nevv products fail? A) They are not given the marketing support they need by their manufacturer. B) They' are poorly positioned in the market. C) Thel' are not si,gnificantly different from products already on the market. D; Consumers perceive the products as offering poor value in relation to their prices 6l) ntt of the above are reasons wh,r'new products fai[. v 4. The diffusion of a ich: \ un individual product. n B)) an innovation over time, '*J u) an tnnovalron D) a new product is introduced to its life cycle. E) competition enters a market. 5. The set of all products offered for sale bl' a companl, is called its: { Product breadth....
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Midterm 2 Spring 08 Eggers - SCANTRON" FOR USE ON TEST...

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