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Case Study 1 Bus186 Sonnier 1/3/08 Wal-Mart, an Investigation Gone Philosophical This paper will examine the case of Wal-Mart Stores and the man who claims that the MP3 video player he bought for his ten year old daughter was preloaded with porn. It will be shown that this purchase of a previously used product violates the ethics of Utilitarianism . First, details of the case will be described. Then a precise definition of the ethical theory will be given. Next it will be shown how the details of this case relate to Utilitarianism . Finally, suggestions will be made for future guidelines such that this ethical principle may be in this case or in similar cases. Wal-Mart Stores have been a dominant business leader throughout the United States, and they are continuously improving in the retail industry. They have reached their status by providing people a vast line of products at extremely low prices. They have been well known as the discounted superstore and have endlessly searched for means of improvement. In a more recent occurrence, a Wal-Mart store located in Tennessee has been under some conflicts and tensions. Daryl Hill purchased a MP3 video player for his ten year old daughter as a Christmas present. It turned out that the MP3 video player had apparently been previously used, and it also contained pornographic videos. Furthermore, there were songs with explicit lyrics and content loaded onto the MP3 video player. Hill says that within ten minutes his daughter received her gift, she burst into years when she found the obscene footage and content. When Hill went to report the problem to the store, Wal-Mart had offered to replace his MP3 video player
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with a new one; however, Hill refused to accept a replacement since he already purchased a new MP3 player for his daughter. Hill is now looking to keep the MP3 video player as evidence to show a lawyer. It seems that Hill is now looking into filing a lawsuit against Wal-Mart if seen as appropriate. There were numerous people who were involved in the ordeal before Hill could
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case 1 - Case Study 1 Bus186 Sonnier Wal-Mart an...

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