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Engagement 3 Dramatic Reading

Engagement 3 Dramatic Reading - speak for one to two...

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Engagement #3 Dramatic Reading Select a portion of text, a short story (like a children’s book), a published speech or poem and read it dramatically in front of the class. Be familiar enough with it that you can read it without stumbling over the words or pausing for long periods of time. If it helps you can put the passage you are going to read on note cards. You will only have to
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Unformatted text preview: speak for one to two minutes at the longest, depending on what you will be reading. Grading will be based upon your vocal and physical delivery and how prepared you are to deliver your text. This will be due on March 18 th . Grading break down: Preparedness: 5pts Vocal delivery 10 pts. Physical delivery 10 pts Total: 25pts...
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