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Psych 209elderabusenotes - Financial stress Family conflict...

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Psych 209 Family: Elder Abuse Definitions Research issues Individual risk factors Contextual risk factors Barriers to reporting Intervention strategies: prevention/intervention Abuse Definitions Physical Psychological - Name calling, isolation, threats *Financial Exploitation - misusing $ or property **Neglect - refuse medical assistance, care, meds Research Issues Difficult to Study Can’t randomly assign to groups Definitional issues e.g. self neglect Covert crime Inconsistent outcome measures Need more data on intervention strategies Individual Risk Factors More male victims Age Substance Abuse Depression in victim Dependency by elder Abusers: Substance Abuse Lack care giving skills Dependency of abuser Contextual Risk Factors
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Unformatted text preview: Financial stress Family conflict Inadequate social support for both Overcrowded housing Barriers to Identification & Reporting U.S. values: family privacy, ageism Isolation of victim Fear of reporting Physician reluctance or lack of knowledge Intervention Strategies Primary prevention Address risk factors so abuse will not occur Increase awareness & reporting, educate May involves services and training for dyad Secondary prevention If suspect abuse, accurate assessment, reporting & tx Improve MD screening, relationship with APS Manage Crisis Tertiary Appropriate tx to prevent more abuse Also - collaborative teams with law enforcement...
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Psych 209elderabusenotes - Financial stress Family conflict...

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