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His15A-Quiz withKey - I F E SCANTR ^ TO USE SUBJECTIVE...

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I ^ FIRIJSEIN S C A N T R 0 N rEsrscoRtNG FOFI\ " )HINF .)rttt " I"F^oI?sR oNLTNE www. scantrontorml'. li m ilI HilHH+rs+H B?#$???## t: I n n Y?9999g?g ::'T#rTrr F E c TO USE SUBJECTIVE SCOHE FEATURE: . Mark total possible subjective points . only one mark per line on key . 163 points maximunl ? o o o o o 6 : | "lf " I " { o o o " "1" ? " ? o o o o o ol" " ; o o cj : " : - p I I | " 9 ? | ; {lt C g : o 9, 9 ? 91" " : 9 ? o o e p "1" p d " ? e : 9 : r. r;.i;rrlr ;;lt'h. oit t,i, [.1. Ittt t.t; dl;td t tr r6 t - : . i ' f , --o]' : - J I- LI- J u - . :o l f " i I l " < < fl.i " " l t : r $t c) <t ro (o N @ o, ol- ot c/, <t rr) @ N co ot 9l= q\ q? I A !q \ !9 9l 9lr !\ c.r s rQ (o r* @ o, rlr r F F F F F r F (\|l(\l Ol Ol (\l N (\1 (\1 (\1 (\l (tl(r) Ct CD (') (t (r) (D cr) C., '4/o:t,/ i-- o @ tl Ji o N ! .; a L] o o un,r EF*: ;;r s;: !r! tifT s+? n UJ ! n o U o olt0 :t: ! tt rr ln lt <l< -l: <l l- r | | I ] I I I I |TTTTTTI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I "':.'l$Il-ot.cp!".,,0,.*.* ibtma'^itt'ilsfi, # FEEDTHTS D\RECTjON {
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Hist 15A Dr. Margo McBane Civil War Quiz our oF MANtrz n' Name Part B If you do not have a scantron please write at the top NO SCANTRON 1) The constitution of the Confederate States of America. a) Was radically different from the United States Constitution b) Shows Southerners were dedicated to all the principles of the Declaration of Independence c) Divided power equally between the states and the central government d) Suggests the South seceded primarily to protect slavery 2) The war began at Fort Sumter because: a) Beauregard misconstrued Davis' orders b) Lincoln wanted to provoke the South and did. c) The Union moved to reinforce the fort with military supplies. d) The Confederates needed to control the territory as a sign of sovereignty. 3) The Emancipation Proclamation a) Freed the slaves only in Confederate controlled territory b) Freed all the slaves in both the North and the South. c) Showed Lincoln to be a man of principle rather than practicality. d) Was made possible by the Thirteenth Amendment. 4) The New York City Draft Riots a) Consisted mostly of violent attacks on the Irish by Blacks, b) Were the only protests against the draft in the North. c) Reflected the frustrations created by urban conditions and the gap between rich and poor. d)
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His15A-Quiz withKey - I F E SCANTR ^ TO USE SUBJECTIVE...

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