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Hum 1A crit thnk assgn 09

Hum 1A crit thnk assgn 09 - 2 Then give three reasons she...

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Humanities 1A, Honors Fall, 2009 C. Rostankowski CRITICAL THINKING ASSIGNMENT In reading the Iliad by Homer, you have had the opportunity to read a powerful and culturally transforming document. This is one of several works that provided the groundwork for ancient Greek culture, both in terms of the identity of a people, and in terms of self-understanding. For your critical thinking assignment, please consider one of the following passages in the Iliad: Pages 124-125, lines 222-161 Athena’s advice to Achilles Or Pages 143-145, lines 3328-421 (especially 387-421) Hector’s explanation of his actions To accomplish your brief essay, I would like you to accomplish these things: 1. please state the viewpoint of the speaker in the relevant passage.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Then, give three reasons she or he states for this view from the passage (n.b. there may be more than three, but select the three best). 3. Next, explain why you think each of these three are good reasons. 4. Describe whether they are truly persuasive to the hearer of the reasons (in the epic, not us!) 5. Explain why you believe they do or do not work to convince the hearer. 6. Lastly, what does this tell us about the role of reason in persuasion? Develop your ideas. Please accomplish this assignment in about three pages, typed, double-spaced, 10- or 12- point typeface. I will be happy to work with you if you have any questions. DATE DUE: 24 SEPTEMBER...
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