Lyotard - Jean-Franois Lyotard was born 1924 in Versaille,...

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Jean-François Lyotard was born 1924 in Versaille, France. Lyotard became agrégé in philosophy in 1950 and received his Docteur ès lettres in 1971. After ten years of teaching philosophy in secondary schools (in Constantine, Algeria from 1950 to 1952), twenty years of teaching and research in higher education (Sorbonne, Nanterre, CNRS, Vincennes), and twelve years of theoretical and practical work devoted to the group "Socialisme ou barbarie," and later for Pouvoir ouvrier, he taught philosophy at the University of Paris-VIII (Vincennes, Saint-Denis). Lyotard was a council member and founding director, at the Collège International de Philosophie, Paris, Professor Emeritus at the University of Paris, Visiting Professor at Yale University, and other universities in the USA, Canada, South America, and Europe, and was for several years Professor of Critical Theory at the University of California, Irvine. He moved from that position to Emory University in Atlanta, where he was Professor of French and Philosophy, and he was University Professor Emeritus of the University of Paris VIII. He was also director of the exhibition “Les Immatériaux,” Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. He passed away in Paris during the night of April 20-21, 1998” 1. Eclecticism in contemporary general culture: easy to find a public for eclectic works 1.1. becoming kitsch, art panders to the confusion which reigns in the taste of the patrons 1.2. wallow in “anything goes”: epoch of slackening 1.3. realism of money: absence of aesthetic criteria, value of art as profit 1.4. no need for taste/delicacy when one speculates [financially] or entertains oneself 2. artistic research threatened by cultural policy and the art market: artists are advised
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Lyotard - Jean-Franois Lyotard was born 1924 in Versaille,...

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