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195 takehome final TTh - ChAD 195 Take Home Final Exam...

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ChAD 195 Take Home Final Exam Monday May 24, 2010 50 points total The essay portion of your exam is take-home. It must be typed, double spaced, with one-inch margins and a 12-point font. I do not have recommended page lengths for each question. However, you will note that each question has multiple components - be sure to answer the entire question. More than 3 to 4 pages a question is too much . Do not repeat the question, (but provide the # of the question), just begin by answering the question. Aim for accuracy/correctness, clarity, and conciseness in your answers. Treat these questions as essays, so use complete sentences, paragraphs, and correct grammar/spelling . Submit a paper copy to me on the due date and an electronic submission to turnitin.com. You must use correct in-text APA references whenever required in your essay responses and provide complete APA format references at the end of each question. 1. Policy Action Essay (8 points) One focus of this course is policy issues relevant to child and adolescent development. One practical way to work on policy issues is to voice your opinion to your elected officials. For this question, write two letters to Governor Schwarzenegger stating your opinion about the proposed state budget. Specifically, to close California's budget deficit of approximately $19.1 billion, and keeping faith with a no tax pledge, Governor Schwarzenegger has called for the elimination of state funds for the need-based, subsidized child care programs, totaling $1.2 billion. The only program excepted is Pre-School. This proposal would eliminate subsidized slots for approximately 142,000 children. The Administration proposes to use $594 million in federal funds for 78,000 slots. T his proposal puts at risk the federal Maintenance of Effort
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195 takehome final TTh - ChAD 195 Take Home Final Exam...

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